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Neck Pain

After days of excruciating neck pain, I visited a local emergency room that only recommended over the counter creams, patches and pills for my pain. The same day, I began looking up local Chiropractors. I called Dr. Brad and got in the next day. My pain was down to a 7 out of 10, but after 45 minutes with Dr. Brad I was pain free for the first time in a week. It felt like a miracle. I was absolutely amazed! I have not had any significant neck pain since, and I highly
recommend Dr. Brad. He’s a great guy, easy to talk to and very focused on the patient. He’ll answer any questions you may have in great detail. Thanks Dr. Brad!

Frank L., Avon Lake, January 2023


Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches
I went to the Avon Lake Back and Neck Center to see Dr. Brad because I was suffering from stiffness in my neck and lower back pain. All the adjustments and treatments I received from Dr. Brad brought me incredible relief. Since Dr. Brad was so successful in relieving my neck stiffness and lower back pain, I went to him in hopes of getting relief from a migraine I had had for 3 days. During my visit, Dr. Brad asked me what my pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10…I told him it was an 8. Dr. Brad explained to me the different treatments he was going to do and several times during the treatments, he asked me if I was comfortable and if my pain level was decreasing.  By the time I left Dr. Brad, my migraine was virtually gone.    
Over the past 35 years, I’ve been to several doctors regarding my debilitating migraines and Dr. Brad is the only doctor that has been able to provide me relief without prescribing narcotic drugs. Dr. Brad is amazing and I’m grateful to have such a caring, knowledgeable, and skillful doctor on my side. I highly recommend Dr. Brad to everyone who needs migraine relief and/or chiropractic care.
Monica S., Avon Lake, OH, May 2019

Dr. Brad is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I was blessed to stumble upon him. I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years. I have
been to several chiropractors and he is the one and only to make adjustments that I’ve known I’ve needed adjusted for years. He is a very compassionate doctor, thorough, and kind. He goes above and beyond at every appointment. I highly recommend him and he’s definitely worth making the drive to see. I was literally almost in tears when I left his office from my first appointment bc he was able to relieve so much pain that had been lingering for years. Words can’t even explain his level of passion and expertise for his profession.

Valerie S., Butler, OH, January 2018

He gets 5 stars in both compassion (awesome bedside manner) and competence. He is extremely thorough, gentle, and shows great concern about his patients. Western medical/mainstream doctors main concerns are money by 'pretending' they don't know what's wrong with you; giving you harmful medications, and sending you to pointless tests.

Mary S., Lorain, OH, May 2017

IT Band Syndrome
Been going to Dr. Brad for years. He has fixed my IT band when the doctors wanted to do steroid shots and weeks of
Physical Therapy. He also fixed my rib cage when I was in excruciating pain and could not breath. I went to 3 other doctors from Cleveland clinic and EMH before I went to Dr. Brad and he was the only one who could tell me what it was and get me back in track and feeling a lot better within days! I would highly recommend him to anyone! He knows what he is doing, full of knowledge and kind to all.

Stephanie W., Sheffield Lake, OH, January 2017

Weight Loss

"Thank You to Dr. Brad. I have been following your common sense eating/diet program and I have lost over 45 lbs. and keep moving towards my goal of losing 80 lbs. I have tried many other plans, but this has worked great for me and I never feel hungry or feel like I am missing out. Thanks for everything!"

Mike D., Strongsville, OH, August 2016

Plantar Fasciitis

"I have had knee and foot pain for about 1.5 yrs. Diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both feet now and the injections were not really working very good. Walking less and less each day because of excruciating pain. Decided to see Dr. Brad on a referral from a friend. He was very thorough and explained everything that was going on with Knees & feet and what he can do to help it that injections and pills will only mask. After the very 1st treatment, I was walking better and with less pain ! I have had 3 treatments now, and I must say, the muscular-skeletal issues he described I was having have helped me tremendously. He really knows his stuff! And can explain things on a level that anyone can understand. I will be recommending his services highly to friends & family. My original doctor's at Cleveland Clinic will be seeing less and less of me, that's for sure!"

Marilyn M., Amherst, OH, 2016


"Like most people, I did not take care of myself. I was aware of the studies and rarely listened to my doctors’ warning and relied on meds to control my pain and “well-being.” I had always been active but my lifestyle had turned sedentary after changing jobs and a relocation. I piled on the weight and peaked out close to 380 pounds. I had ankle reconstructions and three knee surgeries to correct weight related problems. I was depressed and family life was deteriorating as I suffered.

About 2 years ago my joint pain started to escalate. I finally reached a point where use of my hands was excruciating, my knees screamed when I walked, and I could not straighten out my fingers. I was asked by my employer to work from home because my obvious pain was making our client uncomfortable and spent the next 6 months working in my home office. I chased symptoms with my PCP, a Rheumatologist, two Neurologists, sports medicine docs and others. I finally went to the Cleveland Clinic to seek relief.

My diagnosis, a spinal cord compression in my neck, gave reason for the hand and arm pain; to an extent. Both my pain management doctor in Cleveland and my Chiropractor explained in no uncertain terms that I had to make changes.

I had tried weight loss before and, like tons of people, I was up and down and always seems to creep back up in weight. Yeah, I felt a little better and made some minor gains but I didn’t stick with it. This time I had to. I cleaned up my diet and started eating what I call “Clean & Green.” I cut out sugar (which is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING), gave up on bread, potatoes and all of the chemical laden stuff that had been my intake. It was hard for a while, until my pain started to decrease. Along with a cleaned up intake I also started a supplement regimen.

It sounds incredible, and I guess it is, but in about 10 days my pain really started to reduce and my weight started to drop as well. Within 2 months my pain was about 50% where it had been when I started really caring about what I ate and drank. After 6 months I was REALLY feeling good. I could walk distances, mow my lawn again (it had been 4 years of paying someone to do it) and start being me again. I recently started kayaking and fishing again. Everything seems do-able.

It’s been 14 months since I cleaned up. My weight is down by 95# and my blood pressure medicine is half of what it was when I started this trip. I maintain my health with both western and eastern medical techniques. I do acupuncture twice a month, regular chiropractic visits and regular deep massage to relax my back.

This is not a miracle and was HARD WORK. It took a regimen to stick to a plan and make serious lifestyle adjustments and changes. Once the pain started to decrease it made the changes more acceptable because I could see results I had not before. I can’t make you believe that it works I can only tell you that it does. I can’t believe the crap I used to put in my body. Don’t get me wrong and I will not lie, there are regressions. I have my moments but now know what will trigger pain or what can only be described as a weird feeling when I eat something that is sugary or even something that I get in restaurant which had sugar in it. You have to make adjustments. I read labels and make smarter choices. If you travel you will have a little trouble staying clean but you can do it. You WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT. It becomes second nature and an awareness of what is, and is not, better for you. It’s not a “nuts & berries” thing. If you can make the change to “Clean & Green” you may never look back.

If you do it’s OK. Do not beat yourself up. Pick up where you left off, get back in line with your plan and KEEP GOING.

It CAN be done. I know. I live it."

Chris P., Murrysville, PA, 2016

Neck and Back Pain

"My wife and me had neck and back problems. Before seeing Mr. Bradley we went to "Timber Ridge Neck & Back Pain Clinic" in North Royalton OH. They use actuator mechanism. That mechanism seemed to be a gimmick and waste of money. Then we found Dr. Bradley who does manual adjustments on neck and back. I would say that he is the best. Me and my wife are in relief since the day we have seen Dr. Bradley. Dr. Bradley is caring, trustworthy, understanding. He is doing a great service to community here in Cleveland. I am an IT professional who is traveling, sitting and working on computers. I would definitely recommend Dr. Brad."

Charan C., North Royalton, OH, 2016

"After years of pain in my neck and shoulders from the after effects of radiation, the options I was given was surgery or medication. I visited Dr. Brad and began natural treatments at Avon Lake Back & Neck. I am amazed at the relief the treatments give me. I am very happy with the results."

Lorelei K., Avon Lake, OH, 2016

"Dr. Brad is hands down amazing. He stayed late to help me out, and never once pushed all sorts of treatments that I didn't ask for. Go see him. You won’t be sorry."

Andrea T., Cleveland, OH, 2015

"Dr. Brad became my chiropractor a few years back when my long-time chiropractor retired, and I went looking for a replacement – and Dr. Brad was the answer! For years I have been treated for chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Brad’s combined approach of manual adjustment, soft-tissue adjustment, flexion distraction, and myofascial release provide me with far more release than I received from any previous chiropractor. In addition, he has finally convinced this skeptical patient that nutritional therapy could provide me relief from health issues related to internal organ function and diet. A combination of several Standard Process nutritional supplements recommended by Dr. Brad after completing the health assessment questionnaire have resolved those issues and allowed me to discontinue prescription medications that I had been taking for many, many years. Thanks, Dr. Brad!"

Jeff C., Rocky River, OH, 2013

"I have been a patient of Dr. Brad Vernallis for almost six years. Dr. Brad's assistance has been invaluable in maintaining my health and comfort. When I first met him, I had protruded a disc in my thoracic spine; the M.D.s at the hospital were talking about surgery and how I might never be the same again. Dr. Brad on the other hand just gently pushed the disc back where it was supposed to be while correcting the orthopedic imbalances that has led to the weakness in the first place. I have no symptoms of the original problem, have had no surgery, and am relatively pain-free for my age. M.D.s have their uses but they are no substitute for a trained chiropractor when it comes to matters such as these. Since that time I have continued to visit Dr. Brad on a monthly basis to ensure proper alignment. Doing this ensures that minor aches and pains do not develop into more serious conditions. Dr. Brad is knowledgeable not only in chiropractic manipulation, but also soft-tissue adjustments, myofascial release work, and the role nutrition plays in the body's proper function. Dr. Brad will always be an integral part of my most closely trusted health care team."


S.A., Cleveland, OH, January 2013

"I have been a patient of Dr. Brad's for going on 6 years now. I initially went to see him for a horrible shoulder problem I was having. Dr. Brad's treatments resolved my shoulder problem. He has since helped me to successfully resolve other health issues that were puzzling my medical doctors. I trust Dr. Brad more than I do a medical doctor. He doesn't prescribe unnecessary procedures just to make a buck, and, he isn't about writing prescriptions--pain pills aren't the answer--Dr. Brad is."

Tina M., North Olmsted, OH, February 2013

"Since my mid-thirties I have suffered from chronic low back pain. At least three to four times a year I would experience acute episodes which would lead me to orthopedic doctors and neurologists. I was treated with regimens of Prednisone and even nerve blocks. Several years ago, in my fifties, I began seeing Dr. Brad for treatment. Since then I have not had any acute pain episodes and have not needed nerve blocks or Prednisone treatments. Regular visits to Dr. Brad help me to stay pretty much 'pain free'!"

Mary R. G., Lakewood, OH, March 2013

"A couple months ago I came to Dr. Brad when my right leg became numb in the upper part of my body & I had so much pain in my back I could hardly walk. I explained to Dr. Brad that I was a nanny of an infant that constantly had to be carried in accordance to the parents. Continuing to carry the child upstairs to his room & also do laundry inflamed the severe pain in my back. Dr. Brad knew exactly what was causing the pain & numbness because of the location of my pain. He explained what was causing my nerve numbness & pain. Not only did Dr. Brad relieve the pressure causing the pain, but he also instructed me how to stretch at home to assure my adjustment stayed in place. After one other visit my numbness had dissipated and my feeling came back into my leg. I am big on customer service & I’ve never met such a caring chiropractor like Dr. Brad. Avon Lake is fortunate to have such a dedicated back doctor who personally follows up with his patients pain recovery process and makes sure they are comfortable and positively showing signs of recovery. I am so grateful to Dr. Brad that when my own father called me crying about recent hip pain & doctors gave him pain killers at home that did nothing for him, I called Dr. Brad and I am thankful to say my father, who was skeptical about chiropractors, is now able to walk without the walker he was using and thanking me every day for taking him to doctor Brad. He has only had two visits with him and he also feels that anyone who experiences what he did should go to Dr. Brad. He knows what he is doing and that is making others feel better. Thank you Dr. Brad. You have been a blessing to both myself & my father."

Mrs. Jenette S., Avon Lake, OH, November 2013

"Oh my! Why did I wait so long to call Dr. Brad? I have been enduring neck, shoulder, and lower back pain for a few years and began to accept that as normal. I have been to a couple of other chiropractors prior to seeing Dr. Brad. I have achieved results after just two treatments at Avon Lake Back & Neck that I was not able to achieve at other healthcare facilities. I noticed that Dr. Brad uses many more methods of treatment compared to the other offices I have been to for treating my condition. Dr. Brad is very knowledgeable and very informative, and he takes the time to answer all of my questions in a way that I understand.

My well-being has dramatically increased in only two weeks time since seeing Dr. Brad. My neck, shoulder, and back pain have been drastically reduced, and I am able to function more fully than I have in the past. I am now able to focus on my diet and exercise - all because I am feeling better."

Tamara S., Lorain, OH, December 2013

"After being in excruciating pain for a month, and seeing 2 other doctors who were unable to help, a friend referred me to Dr. Brad. After just one visit with Dr. Brad the pain in my back and leg was almost totally gone and I was no longer limping. Two visits later I was back to my regular self! Dr. Brad has a bedside manner that is hard to find these days. He took his time and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Brad to anyone who is experiencing any pain! Dr. Brad can help!"

Julie M., Avon Lake, OH, April 2014

"Having experienced advanced arthritis in my neck for many years, I am used to pain and to a fairly poor range of motion. But when the neck pain increased to such an extent that I was having constant headaches, I came to see Dr. Brad. I didn’t know he was a chiropractor, but had just seen the sign for Avon Lake Back and Neck. He got me in almost immediately and spent a lot of time trying to discern the issues that were causing the pain. I have to say that the improvement has been nothing less than miraculous. I have not experienced a single headache since that day, and the range of motion in my neck, after 4 visits and doing the exercises that Dr. Brad prescribed, is better than I have had since I was a teenager. I’m a believer, and I am sharing this story with many friends and co-workers because I believe Dr. Brad can help them the way he has helped me."

Lorene C., Avon Lake, OH, May 2014

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